Technical difficulties


‘On leaving the blogosphere for good. Almost.’

Those of you who have been reading my stories for a while (bless you) know that I try to publish fresh nonsense every week, usually on a Tuesday. If I miss a Tuesday, I’d better have a darned good reason — like going to a wedding or visiting my mom or roaming around in the jungle dodging leeches and internet holes.

The wedding, as the story appeared in the East Hampton Star. (No, don’t squint. You can read it by clicking here)

Well. The pretty good reason was that none of my subscribers got my last post. And if you write a post and your subscribers don’t get it, that’s kind of like dressing up in your fanciest duds just to hang out at home. You express yourself, sure. But what’s the point?

And, darn it, that last post was pretty good too — a story about a person I knew who actually met the Queen. If you’re one of the hundreds who missed it — yes, I (ahem) have hundreds of subscribers now — just scroll on down. Or, if you’re balancing a cup of coffee, just click right here to read “She’d Better Put a Bell on It.” 

Speaking of Mom visits, here she is with her trusty chariot during my last one

Anyway, if you’re reading this now, I got the glitch fixed. But this glitch-fixing involved lots of back and forth with India. (Thank you, Mr. Kandani!) I’d send Mr. K a pleading Help Me Email, and, because of the time difference, it would be the next morning before I would get a reply. I’d try his suggestion, watch it not work, gnash my teeth, send him a screenshot along with another plea, then go get a coffee and tackle my morning round of Spelling Bee. (Honestly, coffee got me through this crisis; read “The Breakfast of Champions” for my ode to this beverage; or “Time is Indeed Fluid,” for that matter.)

Our leech-dodging Borneo group, masked — not against Covid, but against breathing bat shit

This back-and-forth went on for two weeks before I realized what was wrong: a doohickey on my dashboard that was supposed to be toggled somehow got untoggled. Heavy *sigh* (and yet another coffee) goes here. I retoggled it; fingers crossed.

Another reason to skip blogging: going to see “Top Gun” with The Kids

So. I’m not cashing in my blogging chips. Not just yet. (Though I did come up with a dandy of a title for my last post: “That’s All She Wrote.”) But I’m awfully tech-tired right now. I’ll end with a sweet little wedding video and a promise to be wittier and more entertaining next week.

New York City. September 2022

“I write, therefore I am”


‘You read, therefore I am grateful’

I was sitting around the other morning, trying not to think about how weird it is that it’s not even 12 degrees outside and I’m scratching away at chigger bites (from our recent Panamanian Adventure; see last week’s post for deets and pix), when I noticed I got a ‘pingback’.

Our two lovely guides plus one irritating Panama tour participant who, among other things, insisted on being addressed as ‘Raven’. She got chigger-bit too. But she deserved it

For non-members of the Blogosphere, which would be darn-near all of you, bless your Faithful Little Hearts, this ‘ping’ meant somebody cited my blog, good ole Lutheranliar looks at life, in their blog. Which is an incredibly nice thing to do, and doesn’t happen all that much. At least not to me. Before I go on, I simply must thank this nice Blogger Person, Orla by name, who writes “Fancy Paper: little things that make you happy”. When I checked that ‘pingback’, I found that she had nominated me for something called the Blogger Recognition Award. (It’s protocol to thank your nominator, but I like to think that I would do so anyway.) Thank you, Orla!

What does happen to me? Cats hiding in plain sight. Or Sitting on Guys’ Heads in Times Square

Again, according to protocol, we Nominees are also supposed to say how we got started blogging, give two tips to beginning bloggers, and last but not least, list some blogs we like and follow.

Whew. Let’s dig in. So, how did I get started? Continue reading