Who is Lutheran Liar?


‘You can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl.’

Alice, AKA Lutheran Liar, escaped from the Midwest to New York quite some time ago to work in the ad biz. This was at Ogilvy when it still had “& Mather” on the door and was still on Madison Avenue. She wrote copy for American Express (Karl Malden!), Q-Tips (Betty White!), Hershey (‘No wrong way to eat a Reese’), and many more fun and not-so-fun brands (Dentu-Creme, anyone?) at places like Doyle Dane Bernbach, D’Arcy (sadly, gone now), and even (gasp) Grey, becoming so seasoned she is now practically tangy.

She is the proud parent of The Child, the stalwart wife of The Dude. She loves Bob Dylan, Martin Scorsese, Alice Munro, and, um, her family (not necessarily in that order).

Alice has more stories than New Yorkers have neuroses, and is eager to share her many tales involving small town life, big city adventures, and the glory days of advertising. She loves to riff on Momhood, but can also tell you more than you could possibly want to know about the South Pole. (No, she hasn’t been there, and has no plans to do so.)

Alice’s “take” on the world is a gentle one. If you want rants, look elsewhere. Her views are decidedly Fifth Avenue by way of Livingston Street. Which is in Carlyle, Illinois. That’s why she’s Lutheranliar. (Click here for “Lutheran Liar explained”.)

Here’s hoping you enjoy reading Alice’s posts as much as she enjoys writing them. Please do feel free to comment and, of course, to subscribe.


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15 thoughts on “Who is Lutheran Liar?

  1. Hello! Nora and Garrison are a couple of my favourite writers, so I HAD to say hello! Technically from New York and now living on Skye, so stories there, too.

    Hi Alice, I’m Lorna. Ha!

    I also call my husband The (Tall) Dude. But I am sure they are different people.

    Lorna x

    • Hello back Lorna! Nice to ‘meet’ another Nora and Garrison Fan. Being from New York and living on Skye, I bet you having stories aplenty! As for ours being the same Dudes, well hmmmm. Have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time? xoxo

  2. In a moment of madness that lasted 40 years, I moved from New York to the Midwest. As it turns out, you can’t take New York out of the girl either, although a lot of people tried.

    • Hah! I bet that’s true, Ellen. Thanks for taking the time to read — and to comment. BTW, do you still ‘speak New York’? As in, do you put a ‘so’ at the beginnings of sentences and a ‘or what’ at the end? Like this: (normal sentence) ‘Do you want to have lunch?’ (New York sentence) ‘So, do you want to have lunch, or what?’

  3. I clicked on your blog from a comment you made on another blog. I immediately see a connection…I also am from the Midwest (Wisconsin) but I now live in New Mexico. I was not raised Lutheran but my cousins on my dad’s side were, so this feels like home. Also my daughter just turned 26 so she is a couple years older than yours. I have very much enjoyed the posts I have read.

    • Why, thank you! I just checked out your blog, and it is lovely. I especially liked your post about lists (!) I’m so glad we discovered common ground–and each other’s blogs–and look forward to a continued ‘virtual’ friendship.

      • And thank you for your follow. I continue to be amazed by the connections made in the blogging world. My blog is only 3 months old but it is amazing who I have met and what I have learned.

    • Yup! That was me, about a zillion years ago (!) In fact, in the earliest spots, like the one about ‘How Scottie and Roger Henry eat a Reese’…those are my brothers, the oft-written-about Scott and Roger.

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