‘I have a mom and I get to go visit her today’

Whenever somebody in our family does something that my Middle Younger Brother Roger wishes he could do, he says, “Lucky.”

So I’m crediting him with the comment before making it myself. But this time I get to do the lucky thing, not just hear about it: I get to go visit my mother.

Me, hanging around JFK prepping for a previous Mom Visit

I’m getting on a plane in a few hours — writing this post is one way to keep from pacing around the very small Ken & Barbie House and wearing a path in the tile — so I may have to cut this post short. But maybe not, especially if I keep it short.

I should take this card along with me. Or maybe get a “keep calm” tee shirt. Or maybe just get a manhattan in the Delta Lounge

Basically, what I do when I visit my mother is sit around with her, drinking coffee and/or wine and reading and knitting. Talking a lot too, of course. Reminiscing. Gossiping. Solving the world’s problems.

Oh, there’s also walk-taking. Since I get up super-early (I’m on Eastern Time but even at home I’m up irrationally early), I go for a long walk through Mom’s nabe while she’s still sleeping. Then later, fueled up by coffee, we go on walks together. I do a lot of walking on these trips.

I can hardly wait to walk by this school again so I can check the grammar on their sign

Sometimes, if we’re feeling really frisky, we play Scrabble. (That’s me celebrating a seven-letter word in the photo at the top of this story. Talk about lucky.) But Scrabble is more fun with more players, so we usually skip it and do more reading.

My lucky necklace. I wear it every time I fly. Guess who gave it to me? No, not Mom. But close: my one and only Sister

Oh, did I mention that I sleep on Mom’s pullout couch? Actually, it’s much bigger than my bed at the Ken & Barbie House. But it is in rather close proximity to Mom’s fridge, which rumbles off and on through the night.

But hey. Those are not problems. Not at all. I have a Mom — and I get to go see her. Nyah nyah nyah.

Added bonus: A Sister Sighting! Here’s Mom and me with Laura

New York City (but not for long). May 2024



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9 thoughts on ““Lucky”

  1. Oh gosh, I copyedit wherever I go, and now my kids even do it. Wedding programs, writing in the sky–nothing’s safe from us. Have a wonderful trip with your mom. I play Scrabble every couple weeks with a lady from my choir. She makes me lunch and then destroys me at Scrabble, though I am getting better at parallel play, etc. But I still don’t think I’ve ever gotten a 7-letter word. That is lucky!

    • Hi Becca! Just finished a wonderful first day with Mom. Great early walk — the grammatically-incorrect sign is still *sigh* there — but so are good coffee, cool friends (a remarkable number of whom are named Shirley) and lots of conversation. We haven’t played Scrabble, but it’s early days yet. Thanks, as always, for your readership and your cogent comments!

  2. Ruth Meisenheimer

    I’ll always miss being with your Mom … such fun! I decided my last flight was going to Texas for grandsons wedding. I know you’ll have a great visit❣️

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