Runaway Bride


‘The Child takes the plunge at the Grand Canyon’

I am seldom at a loss for words, but this week I find myself almost too stunned to start this story. I’ll cheat and share what friends had to say: “Wow. So exciting!” “Simply beautiful, Alice! Congratulations to you and the happy couple!” “Beautiful couple and setting!” “OMG how stunningly beautiful!”

“Stunningly beautiful:” Scenery AND bride

Yes. The Child and The Beau got married. Eloped, actually. Saturday, May 1. At sunset. At the Grand Canyon. I’m still pinching myself.

Just the two of them. Plus that Lucky Preacher Guy. Oh, and a hub-and-wife photography team — who also served as witnesses

You see, The Happy Couple got engaged last November (See “How on Earth Did THIS Happen?” for deets) and had intended to get married in a ceremony complete with family and friends early next year, assuming the Covid Tide had turned. But they were advised to proceed with due haste so that the Bridegroom would not be deported. (James is Canadian, you see, from Saskatchewan, in fact, and his green card was getting stale.)

Being the kind of Crazy Kids that they are, they decided, if they were going to “have to get married” (which means something oh-so-different than it did back in my day), then they were going do it in style. Luckily, her Childness’s Great Friend From High School had visited a few weeks ago and lured her to a bridal shop in Scottsdale to try on dresses “just for fun.”

The Dress being tried on. (Not a scrap of makeup, hair in ponytail. Gorgeous all the same.) This photo was shared with me only after I was sworn to secrecy

So, even though the wedding was quite a way off (or so they thought) the Dress had been chosen. To keep the suspense — and her feet tulle-free on the pedals — The Child drove the rig in casual duds to the wedding venue and changed there. And what a wedding venue it was: the Rim of the Grand Canyon. You regular readers will remember that the Grand Canyon has played a big part in the Happy Couple’s life so far.

Taken after Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim One

They have run the Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim course not once — but twice. For the uninitiated, the Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim is when you run down the rim of the Grand Canyon, across the canyon floor, up the other rim, then down and across and back up to where you started. It pains me to even think about it, much less do it. (You can read more about this in “Deeds of Derring-Don’t”.)

This was taken after Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim Two. No, it was not the same weekend they got married. That would have been poor planning indeed

But enough with Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim. That was a big deal. But this is a Big Deal. Here’s more about what just might be called Wedding 1 of 2 — and to doing things in style.

The Hair on the way to the Truck

In honor of the occasion, The Child had her makeup, hair and nails done. (Trust me; she is not normally the “makeup, hair and nails done” type. See photo of her trying on her wedding dress in the bridal shop to see her normal state of groomed-ness.) But she said she had a whale of a good time getting buffed and polished.

And hey, you only get married once. Or, in her case, twice, since they are still going to proceed with their plans for a “real” wedding. Meaning a wedding that Other People get to attend. (I am really happy about this — and still jealous of that Preacher Guy.)

Another Good Friend sent her this canyon-y bridal bouquet

It was (to put it mildly) a surprise, but I do think they did the right thing by going ahead with Wedding 1. This way nobody gets kicked out of the country and, hey, she gets to wear that gorgeous dress again. In fact, I told her that I am referring to this first wedding not as Wedding 1 of 2, but as the “Dress Rehearsal.” You know, since she got to rehearse wearing The Dress.

A truck full of tulle: I am thrilled at the prospect of Wedding 2 of 2. For one thing, I want to see That Dress in person.

I’m having as much trouble ending this as I did starting it. So, back to a Friend Quote (Thank you, Jane): “How wonderful Alice!!!!!! And how romantic!!!! Congratulations to all!!”

Here’s to you, O Child and Beau — er, make that Newlyweds 1 and 2 (!)

New York City, May 2021





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29 thoughts on “Runaway Bride

  1. A beautiful bride and a stunning location. Congratulations to you all! Love the dress and her ring as well. How lovely that there will be a second wedding with people 🙂

    • Thank you, Debra! Yes, someone commented that the wedding was so beautiful it looked like a movie. I said, “Yes, a movie I couldn’t go to (!)” So looking forward to Round Two! xo

  2. Josy A

    Squeee what an amazing way to get hitched! I am so happy for her (and for you!)

    You will have such a blast at the next wedding!! <3

  3. Cathy Mullins

    The “Child” is gorgeous and the groom, oh so handsome. What an exciting adventure! You and Wayne must be so excited, and the fact you get two weddings. Very exciting! Love, Cathy

    • Thank you, Cathy! Yes! They certainly do love Adventure. Traveling the country in a camper, running up and down canyons, getting married on a cliff! Looking forward so much to whatever is next — including another wedding!

  4. Colleen Bentley

    I love love what they did! Why not do it at a place they love with just a couple friends! Not sure that truck/cabin is the best place for a honeymoon (I know I’m old-fashioned).
    I was supposed to be at a wedding last year in August in NYC (my friend Gloria’s son, who you know, Alice), but got postponed because of the damn virus. So they did a small ceremony with family in August 2020. Makes so much sense to just do ti!! So, Alice, I’ll be in NY/NJ in August 2021 for the real wedding – maybe hope to see you???

    • Colleen! First things first, I would LOVE to see you. Just let me know when and where. Second, they had no friends at the wedding (well, Duh, unless you count the hub/wife photographer team and the Lucky Preacher Guy!) So I don’t feel left out. Now, if they have the second (“real”) wedding and don’t invite me…we’ll, that’s a problem.

  5. Ilene

    Congratulations, Alice. Just beautiful! So glad she will have the second wedding. I just went to a wedding for 20 People in the groom’s parents’ backyard. They are planning a full blown wedding In October at the Cos. This bride has 2 dresses – a more simple dress for the backyard. Question: which anniversary do they celebrate? Maybe both!

  6. … a loss for words? I’ll say. I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat until you said you KNEW. Phew! Mercy! Every word and gorgeous picture after that made me so happy. What a spectacular #1. All good wishes. xo, ~S.

    • Thank you so much, dear Sharon! Yes, she called a couple of weeks ago to explain what was happening. I must admit I was a bit disappointed not to be able to be there. But James’ father (he is a widower) would not have been able to come from Canada, so it made sense to keep it “just them.” And it all looked just so…amazing!

  7. Roy Edroso

    Two weddings are better than one! Especially when they’re to the same people. Congratulations.

  8. Ruth Meisenheimer

    What a wonderful story! Congratulations to all?. My granddaughter had a family-only church wedding on Thursday and then again on Saturday in a venue in Chicago. I called the second one “the wedding extravaganza “. Took place just before COVID.

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