‘Get in the back seat if you want to wiggle your behind’


‘My priceless Mom. And her priceless Momisms’

When I was a kid, I had a hard time picturing my mom in any role other than ‘Mom’. She would tell us about The Time When I Was In School. And we knew that, sometime in the foggy past, she Had Been A Nurse.

That’s why I  was (and still am) absolutely fascinated by the picture at the top of this post.

There’s Mom, whispering to Dad at some gathering of gorgeous young people who were, no doubt, also Moms and Dads. (I’m pretty sure that the leggy lady on the left ‘belonged’ to our pal Teresa.) But they look, well, rather off-duty here.

Who were Mom and Dad looking at? What was Mom saying? (Whatever it was, it must have been funny; he has a rather amused look on his face, doesn’t he?) Continue reading

Daddy said ‘Don’t touch’


Steve Jobs holding forbidden iPad

‘Tech Giants’ kids don’t play with iPads.’

All right. I promised never to rant in this blog. So I’ll try not to. Really. But I ran across this article in the New York Times and couldn’t keep myself from sharing and ranting (er, commenting) about it.

It’s titled ‘Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent’, and it’s by Nick Bilton.

It’s all about how people like Steve Jobs (you know who he was) and a bunch of other tech giants (Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired, for example) deal with the issue of children and the devices they desire.

Most of these people, CEOs and founders of companies like Twitter, the afore-mentioned Wired, and even Blogger — people who make their living in and around the use of personal technology — strictly limit the use of Continue reading