Effing Puppy Love


‘Puppies and horsies and swearing, oh my!’

Ah, the Super Bowl! When two great foes battle it out for the prize. No, not that big honkin’ trophy. I’m talking about the TV remote.

See, The Dude and I record the darn thing, then spend the whole time wrestling over what to fast-forward: the football stuff (Me: ‘Is this the game with the pointy orange ball?’) or the commercials (Dude: ‘Who the hell is Mindy Kaling?’)

This cartoon, by the amazing Michael Maslin, from the incredible New Yorker, seems to sum things up nicely:

Michael Maslin, from the New Yorker. My sentiments exactly.

So We Whitmores usually end up wasting precious time rewinding and restarting, not to mention spatting. Thank goodness for the internet, where I can go to watch my favorites in peace.

Now, as for my faves, I’m not going to go into a whole ranking analysis of all that went on, commercial-break-wise this year. (Except to remark that I would have loved to have been in the room when that foot fungus spot was presented: ‘See, we’re going to put a football helmet on this big toe…’)

Instead, I’m going to give you more of what we all really want to see. That puppy, dammit. In case you’re a real Luddite and haven’t met this super-cute guy yet. Or (like me) you just can’t get enough, here he is again, in this year’s spot, ‘Lost Dog’: Continue reading