Why hire Lutheranliar?


‘I always write for pleasure; sometimes I write for pay’

When I started this blog, the Dude asked me ‘So, what does it cost for people to read it?’

His little face fell when I told him ‘nothing’. That I write because I just, well, really like writing. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like getting paid. I often get paid for writing. In fact, I think it’s a perfectly marvelous system: I do something I love to do, and you give me money to do it. Wow.

I write all kinds of things for pay: ads, posters, brochures. Heck, I even write letters and resumes.

If you’d like more detail about what I write, and even see some samples, you can click right here and take a look at my website.

Or, if you already know that I’d be just perfect for whatever you’ve got in mind (writing-wise), shoot me the contact form you’ll find right here:

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